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Aero India 2003 - Part 6
By B Harry
Sep 16, 2003, 03:13

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A HAL Dhruv (IA-1105) of the Indian Army. The year 2002 saw the delivery of 12 Dhruv helicopters to the armed forces. The Indian Army's operational trials of the type was the most stringent, with flights at temperatures ranging from 45 C to sub-zero at 19,000 ft.

IAI's modified export standard Dhruv (not pictured) features a modular avionics package including a core avionics computer, a full glass cockpit with four interchangeable MFDs, INS-GPS navigation, an EW suite with LWR, RWR, MAWS and automatic countermeasures dispenser, digital moving map and a Helicopter Multi-Mission Optronic Stabilised Payload (HMOSP) sensor package consisting of a daytime CCD camera, a laser rangefinder and FLIR mounted in a gimballed payload assembly. HAL also offer the Dhruv with their own avionics package for customers who do not opt for the Israeli one.

A HAL Jaguar-IS (JS-131) armed with overwing Matra Magic-II AAMs and a GBU-24 Paveway-III LGB on the centerline. Jaguars were among the first to receive RCS reduction through RAM coating and structural modifications. In the mid-90s, IAF Jaguars saw the first inflight-refueling trials with RAF VC-10s which were taken on loan.

IAF Jaguars are in the process of being upgraded to 4th generation standards in order to keep the fleet viable till 2020.

LRDE (DRDO) revealed it's recently developed Weapons Locating Radar (WLR) for the first time. The system is a spin-off of the Phased Array Radar technology development for the 'Rajendra' radar. Configured on a wheeled vehicle and designed to operate in a high-density fire environment, the WLR has all weather capability, high mobility and quick reaction time.

Another one of LRDE's major products is the 3D Central Acquisition Radar (CAR). It is capable of handling 150 targets in Track-While-Scan (TWS) mode and a detection range of more than 150 km at 7.5 rpm. It is designed to operate in heavy ECM environments and features extensive system BITE with independent BITE for the antenna. 3D-CAR is an integral part of the Akash air-defence system.

A CABS (DRDO) Bheema aircraft loading trolley holds an ARDE (DRDO) 450 kg High Speed Low Drag (HSLD) bomb. The bomb is effective against larger targets such as railway yards, runways and hardened bunkers. The well known Brahmos supersonic cruise missile and the Prithvi SRBM are visible in the background.

The IAI Elta EL/M-8826 portable tactical terminal receives and processes real time data from UAVs and/or surveillance radars mounted on Balloons. The latter are an important part of IAI Elta's integrated border protection system.


Bharat Electronics (BEL) is India's leading defence electronics manufacturer. Responsible for the manufacture and production of DRDO designed and developed systems, BEL also boasts of 350 different products of it's own. BEL's turnover last year stands at Indian Rs.19.4 billion with a net profit of Rs.2 billion.

BEL offer an upgrade to the elderly Bofors L-60 gun. All hydraulic parts have been replaced by electrical/electromechanical systems and an integrated FCS and an optronic sight have been added. It also features a Belgian BARCO AMLCD display and voice/visual communication.

BEL's 'Reporter' Tactical Control Radar is an early warning, alerting and cueing system that also includes weapon control functions. This highly mobile system features clutter suppression and high resolution.

BEL's first LPI radar prototype for the Indian Navy. BEL is also upgrading the old Shilka self propelled air defence system in cooperation with the 50th Army Base Workshop. The Ku band fire-control radar will receive a new transmitter with updated receiver, signal processing unit, radar computer, weapons computer, PPI display and commander's display console. Optronic units, a datalink and a cabin airconditioner have also been added. The system will also have a new Hindustan Powerplus Caterpillar diesel engine of 280 hp at 2000 rpm.

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