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Far East Air-to-Air Victories
By ACIG Team
Sep 1, 2003, 18:45

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Last Update: 30 August, 2004

Date Country Aircraft Pilot Weapon Victim Country
15Nov45 ? Fighter ? ? PBM-5 USN
20Feb46 ? Fighter ? ? PBM-5 VP-26 USN
28Jun50 DPRKAF Yak-9 ? 20mm C-54 354TW/USAF
29Jun50 DPRKAF Yak-9 Lee Don-gyu 20mm F-80C 35FBS/USAF
29Jun50 DPRKAF Yak-9 wingman 20mm F-80C 35FBS/USAF
29Jun50 DPRKAF Yak-9 ? 20mm B-26 USAF
7Jul50 DPRKAF Yak-9 ? 20mm F-51D A68-757 77Sqn/RAAF (Strout KIA: Note 1)
12Jul50 DPRKAF Yak-9 Kim Gi-ok or Lee Don-gyu 20mm B-29 44-69866 19BG/28BS USAF
12Jul50 DPRKAF Yak-9 Kim Gi-ok or Lee Don-gyu ramming B-29 19BG/28BS USAF
13Jul50 DPRKAF Yak-9 ? 20mm L-5 ROKAF
14Jul50 DPRKAF Yak-9 ? 20mm B-26B 44-34263 13BS(L) (damaged: Note 2)
15Jul50 DPRKAF Yak-9 ? 20mm F-80 USAF (Note 3)
15Jul50 DPRKAF Yak-9 ? 20mm F-80C 49-658 36FBS/USAF (Odell KIA)
19Jul50 DPRKAF Yak-9 ? 20mm B-29 44-61638 19BG/30BS USAF
20Jul50 DPRKAF Yak-9 ? 20mm B-29 USAF (damaged)
2Sep50 DPRKAF Yak-9 ? 20mm L-5 ROKAF
28Sep50 DPRKAF Yak-9 ? 20mm F-51D 255 39FIS/USAF (Pitchford KIA; Note 4)
??--51 DPRKAF ?(MiG-15) ? 23/37mm F-51D USAF (Note 5)
??--51 DPRKAF ?(MiG-15) ? 23/37mm F-51D USAF
??Jan53 DPRKAF MiG-15bis Sen Hi 23/37mm F-86E USAF
3May53 DPRKAF Po-2 ? Maneuver F-94B USAF
??--55 Indonesia F-51D ? 12.7mm B-17 Rebels
18May58 Indonesia F-51D Dewanto 12.7mm B-26 AUREV
18May58 Indonesia F-51D Dewanto 12.7mm B-26 AUREV
28Jul58 Indonesia F-51D ? Force down B-26 AUREV
16Jun59 DPRKAF MiG-15 ? 23/37mm P4M-1Q USN
??apr61 RLAF (Laos) T-6G Khamphanh 68mm rockets Il-14 V-TA (USSR)
15May62 MLVD (Netherlands) PV-2 Neptune ? 12.7mm C-47 AURI
21Mar64 AVRK T-28D S.Monirak 20mm O-1 VNAF
28Apr65 DPRKAF MiG-17F ? 23/37mm RB-47H 54-3290 55SRW/USAF (Note 6)
15Apr69 DPRKAF MiG-17F ?   EC-121M (135749) VQ-1/USN (31 KIA)
14Jul77 DPRKAF MiG-21PFM ?   CH-47D US Army (4 OK; Note 7)
??--8? Thailand F-5E ? 30mm Mi-8 Vietnam
15Oct95 Japan F-15J ? AIM-9L F-15J Japan
2Mar03 DPRKAF MiG-29C ? intercepted RC-135S USAF
4Jul03 TNI-AU F-16A ? intercepted F/A-18C USN

Note 1: USAF reports on air combat losses over North Korea from 1951 indicate that one F-51D was shot down in engagements with DPRKAF Yak-9s on this day. However, no other F-51D was lost on this day to any cause but RAAF F-51D A68-757, shot down during a railway strike, killing Sqn.Ldr. Graham Strout (first Australian casualty of this war). Original RAAF documents, including the 77Sqn ORB ("Operational Record Book") and the book "With the Yanks in Korea" (p.20) clearly describe how the aircraft was hit by AAA while diving to attack, and how it hit the ground. No DPRKAF Yaks were observed anywhere in the area.

Note 2: This B-26B was damaged during an attack of DPRKAF Yak-9s. One engine was knocked out and pilot made an emergency landing at Taejon airfield. The aircraft was not repaired in time to be evacuated, however, but was destroyed when Taejon was abandoned by US troops to prevent it from falling into enemy hands. There is no known DPRKAF claim standing in connection with this case.

Note 3: DPRKAF claim; USAF suffered no losses on this day.

Note 4: no DPRKAF claim known to stand in connection with this loss, which is nevertheless confirmed by USAF documents as suffered in air combat.

Note 5: according to official Soviet and Chinese documents the North Koreans were not flying any MiG-15bis in combat before early 1953; nevertheless, the available sources indicate that their piltos have shot down two USAF F-51Ds while flying MiG-15s in 1951.

Note 6: the RB-47H was not shot down during this attack, but damaged sufficiently enough to be written off after landing at Yokota AB, in Japan. The crew consisted of pilot Lt.Col. Hobart D. Mattison, Copilot/Gunner 1st Lt. Henry N. Dubuy, and Navigator Capt. Robert J. Rodgers, and had also three "ravens" (EWOs) in the raven compartment: they claimed one of the MiGs as shot down as well (see US list for "Cold War" kills in the European data-base).

Note 7: A US Army CH-47 was shot down over the Korean DMZ on this day - but to unknown reasons. Some sources indicate that it was shot down by a North Korean MiG-21.

Confirmed entries are in GREEN
New entries are in RED
Corrected entries are in YELLOW
Fratricide entries are in LIGHT BLUE
Claims and unconfirmed entries are in WHITE
Damaged and Close Calls entries are in VIOLET

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