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22 September 2003: Iranian Military Parade
By Photos by Liam F. Devlin, text by Tom Cooper
Sep 22, 2003, 19:04

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The following series of photos is showing the Iranian military hardware as presented on the parade held in Tehran, on 22 September 2003.

Although most are not directly related to air power, we post them here because of immense interest about the Iranian military and its capabilities, as well as because of their exclusivenes: several show pieces that were never seen before in public, others never in such detail.

Takavar jeeps...

Probably the star of the show of Iranian Army was the Zolfaqar 3 MBT, shown here for the first time to such detail....

Also shown was this Chieftain MBT, one of several hundred still in service with the Iranian Army

Zelzal-1 tactical ballistic missile.

This light truck is carrying an unknown battlefield-surveillance radar, apparently based on the French-made Rasit, several of which are known to have been captured from Iraq...

T-72 upgraded with ERA in Iran...

T-72Z, a T-55 MBT upgraded in Iran by addition of the ERA...

Boraq IFV, reverse-engineered BMP-1 with local modifications....

Fajr-2 MLRS....

Naze tactical ballistic missile....

Another "star" of the parade was the Shahab 3 IRBM, which entered service with the IRIAF only recently (Iranian missile forces are controlled by two services: the IRIAF (official air force), and the IRGC (Revolutionary Guards): the IRIAF is known to have a swiftly developing force of ten squadrons equipped with tactical- and intermediate-range ballistic missiles).

The IRGC is still using a number of SS-1B/C Scud tactical ballistic missiles, supplied by Libya and Syria in the 1980s.

The IRIAF meanwhile operates an indigeniously-built version of the Chinese C.802 anti-ship missile. The air-to-ground version is known under the designation "Noor". The weapon passed extensive and very hard testing by the Iranian military before being accepted.

Finally, the IRIAF also displayed a series of PGMs it already has in service or is currently introducing. From left to right: Zoobin, Sattar-1, Kite-2000, and the M-117 GP-bomb caliber 750lb (350kg), equipped with retarding fins developed in the frame of the Project "Retard".

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