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Shenyang F-6 in PAF Service
By Tom Cooper (artworks) & Usmar Shabbir (text)
Oct 29, 2003, 05:13

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Unknown Units

Lacking any squadron markings this early F-6A was seen in the early 1970s. Like the aircraft here most of PAF F-6s serving for more then 30 years were left in their "bare-metal" finish - with very few colorful exceptions!

No. 11 Sqn "Arrows"

This illustrated F-6 wears the markings of No. 11 ‘Arrows’ Squadron. This very F-6A, serial number 47-1825 was used by Flight Lieutenant Aamer Ali Sharieff in 1971 War to fire a Sidewinder on an IAF MiG-21 during a search and destroy mission over the Shakargarh salient.

No. 14 Squadron "Tailchoppers"

An F-6C in the markings of No. 14 ‘Tail Choppers’ Squadron. This unit was reformed in 1974 and re-equipped with F-6s at Sargodha AB.

No. 15 Squadron "Cobras"

This F-6A in bare-metal finish wearing the marking of No. 15 ‘Cobra’ Squadron. The checkered markings on the fin and around the intake additionally show that this is the "personal" mount of the OC No. 15 Squadron PAF. (all artworks: copyright Tom Cooper, all rights reserved)

This F-6C in natural metal finish is wearing the markings of No. 15 ‘Cobra’ Squadron. This unit was equipped with the F-6 in July 1973.

No. 19 Squadron "Sherdils" or "Warhawks"

This F-6A wears the markings of No. 19 Squadron. The unit was equipped with F-6s in 1977 and based at Sargodha AB, now re-named Mushaf Air Base.

Another F-6 from No. 19 Squadron but this time wearing the very popular two-tone "air superiority" grey color scheme.

Another F-6 spotting the No. 19 markings and in the two-tone gray finish, applied to many PAF F-6s in the 1980s.

No.23 Squadron "Talon"

This F-6 - the actual serial of which was 110817 - is seen with the insignia of the No. 23 "Talon" Squadron. No. 23 together with No. 25 Squadron were the first two squadrons in PAF to be equipped with F-6.

No. 25 Squadron

This F-6 wearing a desert camo scheme belonged to the No. 25 Squadron. Some of the No. 25 Squadron F-6s participated in the 1971 War wearing this very color scheme and at least two of them - flown by Wing Commander Saad Hatmi (OC No. 25 Squadron) and Flight Lieutenant Shahid Raza - intercepted and shot down two IAF Hunters in the Soan valley near Sakesar hills.

No.26 Squadron Black Spiders

This white-overall F-6C (note the para-breake housing) wearing the marking of No. 26 ‘Black Spiders’ Squadron, equipped with F-6s in 1980.

Combat Command School (Sargodha AB)

This F-6 was operated by the Squadron of the Combat Command School, based as Sargodha, in the 1980s, together with some Mirage 5s. Interestingly many of the F-6s in CCS ‘F-6 Flight’ were retired prematurely because they were bended due to pulling too much high G’s and were considered structurally un-repairable.

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