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European Air-to-Air Victories
By ACIG Team
Oct 28, 2003, 17:22

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Last Update: 9 July, 2005

Date Country Aircraft Pilot Weapon Victim Country
9Aug46 254.LAP/JRV Spitfire D.Zecevic 20mm C-47 USAAF
19Aug46 254.LAP/JRV Spitfire V.Vodopivec^ 20mm C-47 USAAF
19Aug46 254.LAP/JRV Spitfire D.Stanisavljevic^ 20mm C-47 USAAF
??Aug46 111.LAP/JRV Yak-3 Z.Cermelj 20mm C-47 USAAF
22May48 208 sqn RAF Spitfire G.Cooper 20mm Spitfire VC REAF
22May48 208 sqn RAF Spitfire FR.Mk.18 Bowie 20mm Spitfire VC REAF
22May48 208 sqn RAF Spitfire FR.Mk.18 T.McElhaw 20mm Spitfire VC REAF
22May48 208 sqn RAF Spitfire FR.Mk.18 T.McElhaw 20mm Spitfire VC REAF
29Jul47 KNIL P-40 ? 12.7mm C-47 VT-CLA India (Note 1)
30Sep48 KNIL B-25 ? 12.7mm DC-3 RI-002 India (Note 1)
27Oct48 JRViPVO Yak-9 ? 20mm P-38 AMI
??Oct48 KNIL B-25J ? 12.7mm PBY AURI (Indonesia; Note 5)
??--48 BuAF Fighter ? ? DC-4 El Al
7Jan49 6 sqn RAF Tempest B.Spragg 20mm Spitfire FL.9 IDF/AF
26Jul51 AdA P-63 Kingcobra J.Batsalle 12.7mm Amiot AAC.1 (Ju-52) Autrex (France) Note 4
10Mar53 CzAF MiG-15bis J.Sramek 23/37mm F-84G USAF
10Mar54 CzAF MiG-15bis Z.Voleman 23/37mm   USA
9Sep54 BuAF MiG-15bis I.Elensky 23/37mm ? EPA
27Jul55 BuAF MiG-15bis B.Petrov^ 23/37mm L-149 (exC-69 43-10316 El Al/Israel (shared)
27Jul55 BuAF MiG-15bis C.Sankliski^ 23/37mm L-149 (exC-69 43-10316 El Al/Israel (shared)
??--55 CzAF MiG-19   30mm F-100 USA*
??--55 CzAF MiG-19   30mm F-84F AIM*
16Jan56 1 Sqn BuAF MiG-17PF T.Trifonov 23/37mm Spy blimp CIA
21Jan56 24FR ML (Hungary) MiG-15bis Sándor Magyar 23/37mm MiG-17PF V-VS (USSR)
31Jan56 1 sqn BuAF MiG-17PF T.Trifonov 23/37mm Spy blimp CIA
31Jan56 1 sqn BuAF MiG-17PF T.Trifonov 23/37mm Spy blimp CIA
31Jan56 1 sqn BuAF MiG-17PF M.Stoyanov 23/37mm Spy blimp CIA
31Jan56 1 sqn BuAF MiG-17PF G.Antov 23/37mm Spy blimp CIA
1Feb56 1 sqn BuAF MiG-17PF S.Netzov 23/37mm Spy blimp CIA
23Sep56 1 sqn BuAF MiG-17PF T.Trifonov 23/37mm Spy blimp CIA
??--56? 1 sqn BuAF MiG-17PF ? 23/37mm Spy blimp CIA*
22Oct56 AdlA MD-315 Flamant ? forced down DC-3 F-OABV Air Atlas (Note 2)
5Nov56 RAF Venom FB.6 ? ? MiG-15 EAF
23Sep60 EC7 AdlA Mistral ? forced down Il-14 USSR
9Feb61 EC7 AdlA Mistral ? forced down Il-14 USSR
29Jul61 34.FR WOPK Yak-11 Ryszrd Dyla ? Prop. blimp CIA
??--61 AdlA B-26 ? 12.7mm ? Algeria*
??--61 AdlA B-26 ? 12.7mm ? Algeria*
??--61 AdlA B-26 ? 12.7mm ? Algeria*
??--61 RDAF F-86D ? maneuver Lim-5 WOPK
15May62 MLVD (Netherlands) PV-2 Neptune ? 12.7mm C-47 AURI (Indonesia)
16Aug62 182 Filo F-84F "790" N. Gül 12.7mm Il-28 "6540" IrAF
Sep1963 CzAF MiG-21 J.Foks   Aircraft USAF*
15Jul70 11. FR WOPK MiG-21 Henryk Osierda R-3S Su-7BKL CzAF (pilot Frantisek Kruzik)
28Mar71 LSK (E. Germany) MiG-19S ? 30mm MiG-19S WOPK
Mid 1970s RAF Lightning F.2A M.Valasek ? Harrier GR.Mk.3 RAF
16Jul75 CzAF ? ? ? An-2R ZUA (Company)
23May78 4/1.slp/CzAF MiG-15bisSB 3685 F.Ivan forced down AB.204B (4D-BT) Austria
??--80? RAF Harrier GR.Mk.3? ? ? Civilian Airliner Norway
27Jun80 Italy? F-104S ? ? MiG-23MS LARAF (E.Coal KIA)
27Jun80 ? fighter ? ? DC-9-15 (I-TIGI) Itavia 870 (81 KIA)
25May82 92Sqn/RAF Phantom FGR.2 (XV422) ? AIM-9L Jaguar GR.MK.1 (XX963/AL) RAF (35nm NE of Brüggen)
24Dec89 AM (Romania) MiG-21MF witheld R-3S IAR-330 Puma "89" 59HR AM/Romania (4 KIA)
24Dec89 Romanian Army SMAF witheld SMAF IAR-316 AM/Romania (crew injured)
24Dec89 AM (Romania) Air Defence witheld AAA IAR-330 Puma 61HR AM/Romania (crew injured)
28Dec89 AM (Romania) Air Defence witheld SAM (SA-3?) An-24RV YR-BMJ AM/Romania (3 crew and 1 passenger KIA)
??May90 117LAP/JRViPVO MiG-21MF ? Forced down AB.212 Croat Police
??May90 117LAP/JRViPVO MiG-21MF ? Forced down AB.206 Croat Police
17Jan91 ??Sqn/RAF Tornado GR.Mk.1 ? JP.233 MiG-25PD 1FS/IrAF (Note 3)
31Aug91 117LAP/JRViPVO MiG-21MF ? Forced down Tu-154 TAROM
31Aug91 117LAP/JRViPVO MiG-21MF ? Forced down B-707 Uganda Airlines
31Aug91 117LAP/JRViPVO MiG-21MF ? Missed DC-9-30 Adria Airways
31Aug91 117LAP/JRViPVO MiG-21MF ? Pursued MD-82 Adria Airways
31Aug91 JRViPVO G-4 ? Pursued MD-82 Adria Airways
3Nov91 JNA AAA   AAA J-20 Kraguj JRViPVO 
5Nov91 HZS An-2 ? Pursued SA.341 JRViPVO
7Nov91 97AB/JRViPVO J-21 ? 12.7mm UTVA-75 HZS (damaged)
7Jan92 JRViPVO MiG-21bis E.Sisic R-60M AB.205 EU
7Jan92 JRViPVO MiG-21bis   R-60M AB.206 EU (missed)
13Sep94 Belarus AF Mi-25 ? 30mm Civilian Balloon USA
20Mar95 HuAF MiG-29 L.Uhrin intercepted Cessna 172 Slovakia
6Aug95 HZS MiG-21bis ? 23mm J-22 JRViPVO (miss)
6Aug95 JRViPVO J-22 ? 23mm MiG-21bis HZS (missed)
24Mar99 JRViPVO MiG-21 ? ? BGM-109 USN
24Mar99 322 sqn KLu F-16A/MLU J-063 P.Tankink AIM-120A MiG-29 18106 127.lpe/JRViPVO (Milutinovic OK)
8Apr99 11F Aeronavale SuE-M ? 30mm Mi-8 JRViPVO
??--99 JRViPVO Mi-8 ? MG-Fire Recce Drone NATO*
11May99 JRViPVO SA-6   SAM MiG-21 JRViPVO
10Jun99 83LAP/JRViPVO MiG-21bis ? R-60 J-7 AAF*
10Jun99 83LAP/JRViPVO MiG-21bis ? R-60 J-7 AAF*
10Jun99 83LAP/JRViPVO MiG-21bis ? R-60 J-7 AAF*
??--00 JRViPVO Mi-8 ? MG-Fire Recce Drone NATO*

Note 1: This C-47 - and the DC-3 Dakota shot down by KNIL B-25 on 30 September 1948 - was operated by the Royal Indian Air Force on behalf of Indonesian government, which at the time was involved in the war against the Dutch. The DC-3 shot down on 30 September 1948 was flown by Bob Freeberg, US citizen. The plane came down near Begkulu, south of Sumatra: its wreckage was finally found in 1970.

Note 2: The intercepted DC-3s were French-registered, and belonged to the civilian airline Air Atlas, being operated out of French Morocco. the example forced down on 22 October 1956 carried Ahmed Ben Bella, Ait Ahmed, Mohamed Khider, Mohamed Boudiaf, and Prof. Lacheraf - the top five FLN figures at the time, who were traveling from Morocco to attend a North-African Conference, in Tunis. For additional details see article "Algerian War, 1954-1962", in section "Western & Northern Africa".

Note 3: a mine from JP.233 dispenser deployed by an RAF Tornado GR.Mk.1 damaged this MiG-25PD at al-Taqaddum AB while it was attempting to scramble; the IrAF pilot aborted take-off safely

Note 4: this is only a claim. In fact, J.Batsalle was a former pre-WWII Aeronavale pilot, at the time of this incident working for a private airline AUREX: he flew the AAC-1 Toucan on 21 July 1951, carrying supplies and three German Legionaries. The Legionaries killed Batsalle and two other crewmembers, and dropped their bodies from the aircraft while still airborne. Subsequently, they landed in an area held by Viet Cong and requested political asylum. Following the loss of the Toucan, the AdA sent a reconnaissance mission to find the plane: it was subsequently destroyed by P-63s in order not to fall into Viet Cong hands. Irony was that Batsalle and his crew were considered traitors and defectors for years to come: it was not before 1955 that an official Vietnamese document revealed the story about what happened to Batsalle and his crew.

Note 5: The AURI operated only two PBY-5A Catalina amphibious aircraft at the time (RI-005 and RI-006), neither of which was shot down by KNIL. RI-005 crashed due to engine problem during take-off from a lake in Jambi Province (Sumatra). It was recovered and is on display at the Indonesian Air Force Museum. RI-006 was captured by KNIL after its pilot landed at Maguwo airfield before realizing that it was held by the KNIL. This aircraft was broken down for spare parts by the Dutch, while its crew and passengers were captured.


Mr. Marc Koelich for additional details about interceptions of aircraft supporting Algerian rebels by French Air Force. Marc also kindly supplied details about interceptions of Indian Air Force Dakotas by Dutch fighters (KNIL) over Dutch East Indies.

Mr. Csaba Becze for informations about the case of fratricide between the Hungarian MiG-15s and Soviet MiG-17s, that happened when these have mistaken each other for a NATO plane they were trying to intercept, over Hungary, in January 1956

Mr. Constantine Pehlivanov for Bulgarian AF information

Mr. Jakub Marszalkiewicz for a report about a case of fratricide fire between East German (or Soviet) and Polish MiG-19s, that happened in March (according to other sources: in April) 1971, when both formations were pursuing a NATO ELINT/SIGINT plane (probably German Atlantic) over the Baltic Sea

Mr. Han for full information about the case of fratricide fire between a Polish MiG-21 and Czech Su-7BKL. This incident happened during the "Zenit 70" Exercise, and developed as follows. The Czech Su-7s played the "attackeers", and were to be intercepted by Polish MiG-21s. The GCI ordered a pair of MiG-21s to be scrambled from Wroclaw AB. When the aircraft of Cpt. Henryk Osierda developed technical problems, he quickly jumped into another MiG, which was otherwise witing on QRA, and was fully armed. Osierda successfully intercepted the Czechs, and in order to bring back a proof he decided to activate his gun camera. The catch was that the gun camera works when the trigger is pressed: Osierda did just that - forgeting about the fact that his aircraft was carrying live weapons. He fired a single R-3S (AA-2 Atoll) missile and hit the Su-7BKL, flown by pilot Frantisek Kruzik. The tail of the Su-7 was cut off and the pilot ejected safely.

Mr. I. Zajac for details about the interception of Austrian AB.204B helicopter by Czechoslovak Air Force MiG-15bis, in 1978.

Mr. F. Ribally for details about the fate of AdA AAC-1 Toucan, originally claimed to have been shot down by AdA P-63s while "attempting to defect".

Confirmed entries are in GREEN
New entries are in RED
Corrected entries are in YELLOW
Fratricide entries are in LIGHT BLUE
Claims and unconfirmed entries are in WHITE
Damaged and Close Calls entries are in VIOLET

© Copyright 2002-3 by ACIG.org

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