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Highlights from IDEAS 2002
By by Usman Shabbir
Dec 27, 2002, 23:54

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Modern Mirage cockpit on display. ( photo by Rommel )

The following are some observations on IDEAS 2002: Pakistan's Military-Industry Show

1). Pakistan Army will receive 250 Al-Talha APC’s in the next two years. Order has been placed to HIT.

2). In the next 2-3 years, 300 Al-Khalids will be inducted and 300 T-59s will be upgraded to Al-Zarrar configuration.

3). Work on a Pakistani 155mm SP artillery gun has been started at HIT.

4). Saudi government may buy 300 Al-Khalids from Pakistan (if USA lets them).

5). The anti-tank 125 mm ammo produced by POF has been claimed to have better capabilities then there Ukrainian and Chinese counterparts.

6). A new 125 mm anti-tank DU round called Naiza was being displayed (including some other DU rounds by other Pakistani companies) by Al-Technique. The Naiza is said to have a penetration of 550 mm in RHA. It has been made compatible with T-80UD tanks.

7). The company I was most impressed with was Integrated Defence Systems (IDS). ISD specializes in development of weapon systems that mainly include; variants of Cluster Bombs, Starfish naval ground mine, Specialized Batteries, Software based Structural Designing, Guidance and Control Systems, Unmanned Aerial Vehicles, Aerial Targets and services that include Relifing of Missile Systems. The UAV’s that are manufactured by IDS include, Vector Mk-2 and Hornet Mk-5 and the aerial target RPV’s include Nishan Mk-2, Nishan-Mk2TJ, TANGO and NX-1. Vector Mk-2 has an effective range of 200 km, with an endurance of 4 hours and operating ceiling of 12,000 ft. Vector is equipped with sophisticated day/night vision & IR cameras backed by a communication system that is Jam-Resistant. Powered by a 25 BHP Twin Cylinder engine, Vector is capable of sending real-time imagery at speeds in excess of 200 km/hr. The airframe is made of composite materials which reduces radar signature and provides easy assembly and disassembly of Vector. Hornet is a short range high speed reconnaissance UAV, ideal for FEBA (Forward Edge of Battle Area) monitoring. Hornet employs its sophisticated day/night and IR cameras by utilizing its multi function and multi transmit platform to transmit back real-time imagery to the ground station. Hornet can be launched from rugged terrain and ha a range of 50 km with GPS installed. Hornet Mk-5 is an all composite airframe hence its radar signature is minimum. Nishan Mk-2 is a high speed aerial target for AA guns, SAM’s and Air-to-Air missiles. Nishan Mk-2 can reach altitudes in excess of 16,000 feet with a speed exceeding 300km/hr. Nishan can carry upto 24 smoke and 16 flares and is capable of carrying out other payloads like Luneberg (signature enhancing) lenses, sea-skimming module and other important operational payloads. Nishan Mk-2TJ is a high speed Turbo Jet version of Nishan Mk-2. Powered by a dynamic 70 lbs static thrust full flow mini turbo jet engine, TJ can reach to staggering speeds in excess of 370 kms. TANGO is a short range aerial target, ideal for AA and small arms practice. TANGO is easily assembled by a crew of 2 persons and is ready for flight within 10 minutes. NX-1 is a short-range experimental UAV system, ideal for payload testing for example Auto pilot, Cameras and Data telemetry modules. NX-1 has a range of 30 km with GPS installed. NX-1 is an all-composite airframe hence its radar signature is minimum. IDS also offers UAV Sub Systems such as GPS-Based Video Telemetry Systems, Gyro-Stabilized Platforms for Optics Instrumentation and Fire Control Systems, Multi-task Battery Management Systems, Serial Network Radio Data Systems, Teelcommand and Control Systems, Digital Autopiloting and Telemetry, Microwave Video Links, Altitude and Azimuth Control Systems, Autonomous Navigation GPS Servo Driver, Microwave Video FM Transmission Equipment, L-Band Video Transmitter Model LTX-1200 Mobile Control Station.

8). Pakistan will receive 6 additional K-8s by the end of this year (I know some reports say next year). The new K-8s will have improved avionics such as a good HUD etc. PAF has also decided to use K-8 as an advance trainer, replacing the FT-5s in future.

9). Ukrainian and Chinese companies were present big time at IDEAS with Ukraine marketing T-84 MBT, BTR-3U, 36D6-M Modernized Air Defence System Radar, P-18/2000 Air & Ballistic Targets Detection Radar, KrAZ-6322 Truck, KVITNYK Guided Artillery Projectiles, Escort Ship HETMAN SAGAIDACHNY to name a few. BTR-3U is a combat-armored wheeled amphibious cross-country vehicle. Its is designed for transportation of infantry units and providing them with combat fire support. 36D6-M (Air Defence System Radar) has a range of 360 km and can detect targets (RCS of 1 m^2) flying at an altitude of 50 m from a distance of 31 km, and the ones flying at an altitude of 100 m from a distance of 42 km and the ones flying at 1000 m from a distance of 110-115 km. It can also detect low flying cruise missiles. The basic features of P-18/2000 (Air & Ballistic Targets Detection Radar) are that it has increased efficiency for suppression of passive jamming, automatic process of detection of the air and ballistic targets, enters a mode of automatic targets tracking, automatic data transfer to the remote users via protected cable and radio channels, have a active jamming balancing channel, high-vacuum transmitter replaced by solid-state transistor transmitter. Radar is also equipped with facilities of friend-or-foe identification of tracked targets. A MiG-21 size target can be detected at a range of 330 km with the capability of tracking 100 targets simultaneously. KrAZ-6322 is a 6x6 wheel truck with a load carrying capacity of 10000 kg. KVITNYK (Guided Artillery Projectiles) is a 155 mm caliber round with a range of more then 20 km. It has a 8 kg fragmentation high-explosive warhead. The projectile itself has a mass of 48 kg. HETMAN SAGAIDACHNY is a escort ship with a maximum speed of 30 kts and a range of 3900 nm at 14 kts. Weapons include 100 mm Medium Calibre Gun, SAM OSA-MA2 (SA-N-4 mod.), 2 CIWS AK 630M, 2x4 Torpedo Launcher ChTA53, 2 RBU-6000 ASW mortars, Decoy Launchers.

10). POF has signed a contract with Turkey (in March 2002) for the supply of 20 million cartridges of 5.56mm bore of NATO standards and around 30,000 spares of 7.62mm G3 rifle. Malaysian Army has taken delivery of the first consignment of high explosive anti-tank (HEAT) rockets from Pakistan in June this year. The consignment of 12,700 40mm HEAT rockets is part of Malaysia’s order of 25,700 rockets from Pakistan. The second delivery of 13,000 HEAT rockets is being made this month (September). Also remember that last year Malaysia decided to buy a weapon system and missiles worth some RM80 million (US$21.05 million) from Pakistan. Malaysia ordered two types of missiles – Baktar Shikan and Anza MkII. Both the Baktar Shikan and Anza MkII were part of a RM446 million weaponry purchase package from Pakistan.

11). Director General Munitions Productions (DGMP) was displaying Vehicle Launched Assault Trackway Class-30, 60-Ton Tank Transporter, 60-Ton Semi Trailer, Torpedo Carrier, Field Telephones EFT-101, EFT-101 with Keypad Dialler & RAFT-786, Speech Ciphering Equipment, General Purpose Night Vision Binoculars (GP/NVB-4A & GP/NVB-5A), Advance Design Night Vision Goggles (AN/PVS-5C), Individual Served Night Vision Weapon Sight (AN/PVS-4A). Vehicle Launched Assault Trackway Class-30 is a field expedient meant for laying over soft areas i.e. boggy, marshy, sandy patches or lengths of track likely to become degraded by sustained traffic. The length of trackway is 50.292 meters. 60-Ton Tank Transporter utilizes four axles in “Rocker Beam” configuration and is designed to support the payload uniformly under all terrain condition. The Torpedo Carrier consist of a semi-trailer with special suspension and for safe and secure transportation of torpedoes from the depot to the fleet and back.

12). One of the most interesting thing I found was a Multi-Spectral Camouflage Net being marketed by Air Weapons Complex (AWC). The Camouflage has characteristics of being AntiVisual, Anti-Night Vision, Anti-Infra-red, Anti-Radar and Anti-Millimeter Wave. The average reduction in RCS is 86 percent and average reduction in detection range is 43.8 percent. Due to this net a vehicle cannot be detected by a thermal or an IR camera.

13). Mechanical Engineering Works was displaying a “Mechanical Mine Layer Type 99-ML” which is a semi automatic mechanical mine layer. The whole system comprises a truck and a mine layer trailer. The truck carries approximately 200 to 250 anti tank mines and tows the trailer. The trailer mounts the mine laying mechanism.

14). Talked with the crew of Al-Khalid and al-Zarrar at IDEAS and they seemed to be very satisfied with performance of there machines, especially the engines. The autoloader on Al-Khalid is a Circular Carousel (Cassette Type) with 22 ready-to-fire rounds at a rate of 6-8 rounds per minute.

15). AWC was displaying MOHAFIZ Counter Measures System designed and produced for military aircraft and helicopter applications. It has a programmable microprocessor based system and four modes of operation, Trigger, Manual, Auto and Emergency. It is interfaced with Radar Warning Receiver (RWR) and Missile Approach Warning System (MAWS).

16). Turkish company FNSS was marketing the ACV Universal Vehicle Family that included ACV IFV with a 25 mm Sharpshooter Turret, ACV IFV with 25 mm Giat Turret, ACV SPM-81 with 81 mm Mortar and 12.7 mm MG, ACV SPM-120 with 120 mm Recoiling Rifled TDA Mortar, ACV TOW with TOW II Armored Launching Turret and 12.7 mm MG, ACV AFOV Artillery Forward Observation Vehicle, ACV CP Command Post Vehicle and ACV APC with Pintle Mount Cupola 12.7 mm MG.

17). Chinese companies such as CATIC, CSTC, NORINCO, CEIEC etc were displaying large number of products. Some of the items that were being marketed included, C701 subsonic, close-in multipurpose anti-ship missile weapon system; C801 multipurpose sea-skimming anti-ship missile; C802 long range sea-skimming multipurpose anti-ship missile; FT-2000 surface-to-air anti-radiation missile; FM-90 surface-to-air missile; FM-80 all weather, low and very low altitude air defence system; LY-60 medium altitude surface-to-air missile weapon system; QW-1 portable shoulder-fired anti-aircraft weapon; QW-2 new generation of man portable anti-aircraft missile system; FN-6 new generation of man portable anti-aircraft missile system; WS-1 Multiple Launch Rocket System (MLRS); WS-1B MLRS; A100 MLRS. CATIC with K-8, F-7MG, Y-12, Y-7, F-8IIM, Y-8, ASN-206 multi-function tactical UAV, Z-9 helicopter, FBC-1 tandem seat – two engine – all weather supersonic bomber, COLIBRI EC120 single engine helicopter. NORINCO with MBT 2000, Red-Arrow 8Z Helicopter-borne anti-tank missile, Wheeled Vehicle with Red Arrow 8 anti-tank missiles, Red-Arrow 8L anti-tank missile, Red-Arrow 8E anti-tank missile, Type 97 5.56mm automatic rifle, Type 97 5.56mm squad LMG, Type 90A 122mm MLRS, WM-80 rocket weapon system, Red Arrow 9 anti-tank missile, Type 90 Armored Personnel Carrier, WMZ 551 Wheeled Armored Vehicle. CEIEC with SLC-2 Long Range Weapon Locating Radar, CLC-1 Low Altitude Target Searching Radar, TS-504 Digital Troposcatter Communication Equipment, KLC-1 Helicopter-borne Surveillance Radar, CLC-2 Low Altitude Surveillance Radar, HJ-62C Armored Scouting Car, Digital Mobile Communication System.

This review of IDEAS 2002 is courtesy of The PakDef Military Consortium Official Website at www.pakdef.info.
Review is copyright of Usman Shabbir. Photo credit- Rommel of www.pakdef.info.

© Copyright 2002-3 by ACIG.org

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